Version 2.4 Update

Directory Submitter v2.4 is the second major update of Directory Submitter since the release in late October 2005. Like all updates of Directory Submitter, it is free for everyone who already owns a copy of Directory Submitter.


Some of the updates in v2.4 are as follows:


-1- Multi Tabbed Browsing - run up to 10 browsers within the submitter which will greatly increase the submission process, because as you submit your website to one directory another directory will load in the other browser tabs and be ready for you to submit your website.


-2- Category Auto-Completion - enter one or more categories/subcategories for each site profile and Directory Submitter will auto-select the category for you on the submit page in your order of preference.


This will save loads of time from selecting the correct category for the website you are submitting to the directories.


-3- Bulk Directory Import - of directories from .txt files or Excel exported .csv file.


-4- Alpha Sorting - of directories form A-z and Z-a also Pr sorting of the directory list


-5- Search Option - to find any directory in the submitter quickly.


-6- Adding Comments - to any directory in the submitter.


-7- A Reciprocal Manager Script - fully integrated with Directory Submitter. It's now easier than ever to submit to reciprocal directories.


Just click a button.


-8- 2100+ Directories - now and also a new database structure to increase the loading/refresh time when a user moves between filters and when using large directory lists (more than 5000 sites)


-9- Auto Save - so you won't ever lose your submission history.


-10- Auto Update Notice - if there is a new version of Directory Submitter out or if there is an update to the directory database you will be notified.


-11- Improved Custom Directory - support and more configuration options and adding your directories is now easier than ever.


-12- A Directory Database Checker - and PR updater integrated in the submitter.


-13- New Online User Chat Room - accessible directly from within the submitter.


-14- An Updated User Guide - explaining all the new features of Directory Submitter v2.4


-15- Brand New Video Tutorials - that show you step by step how to use the new features of Directory Submitter v2.4

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