Profile Configuration Wizard Step 3

This is Step #3 in the Profile Configuration wizard, this is where you setup the Reciprocal Link feature in Directory Submitter.



- There are 2 options here and the first should be selected if you do not use Reciprocal Linking in your directory submissions, if this is the case just select this option and leave the Reciprocal URL field blank.


But if you add Reciprocal Links to your website manually then enter the URL to your Links Page on your website into the Reciprocal URL field.


- Option 2 is used to configure the Reciprocal Manager Script that came with Directory Submitter to work correctly with the submitter.


If you have installed the Reciprocal Manager Script that came with Directory Submitter, enter the url to the Interact.php file in the Configuration URL field as in the image above.


Note: For instructions on how to install the Reciprocal Manager Script that came with Directory Submitter please read the install.txt file that came with the script.


The url will be something like, = Change this to your domain name.


folder = Change this to the folder where you installed the Reciprocal Manager Script in.


interact.php = This is the interact.php file.


In the Password field enter the password you used when you installed the script.


Once you have entered the Configuration URL and the Password click on the Test Configuration button and Directory Submitter will check to see that it can communicate correctly with the Reciprocal Manager Script that you have installed on your website.


If everything is working correctly you will be notified if there is a problem we recommend that you re-check the script installation settings and make sure the Configuration URL and Password are correct.


If you still can not get the script working please refer to the video tutorial we have created called How To Install The Reciprocal Manager Script.


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