Main User Interface

When you first start Directory Submitter 2.4 you will see the main interface as in the image below.


NOTE: You can move your mouse over the interface image below and as the mouse icon changes into a hand you can click the mouse to read what that part of the interface will do in the submitter.


File Menu OptionsSettings Menu OptionsTools Menu OptionsResource MenuHelp MenuBrowser Back ButtonBrowser Forward ButtonBrowser Refresh ButtonBrowser Stop ButtonSettings Option ButtonHelp ButtonBrowser Tab ButtonsURL Address BoxProfile Select WindowSort Directory WindowDirectory Search BoxFill Current Submission FormReciprocal Fill ButtonCopy Profile Data ButtonSelect Current Directory ButtonClose Browser Tab ButtonDirectory List Box WindowSelect Filter Option ButtonDirectory Number DisplayMain_Interface


BackThis is the Back button in the built in web browser in the submitter.


ForwardThis is the Forward button in the built in web browser in the submitter.


RefreshThis is the Refresh button in the built in web browser in the submitter.


StopThis is the Stop button in the built in web browser in the submitter.


Settings_ButtonThis is the Settings button in the submitter which will load the programs configuration window.


HelpThis is the Help button in the submitter which will load this user guide in the built in web browser in the submitter.


Autofill_ButtonThis is the Auto Fill button that will populate the current submission form on the directory that is in the active browser tab window.


Reciprocal_ButtonThis is the Reciprocal URL Link button that is used to add the directories url on to your links page via the reciprocal manager script you got when you purchased Directory Submitter.


CopyProfileData_ButtonThis is the Copy Profile Data button, sometimes Directory Submitter does not fill out all the fields on the submission form of some directories, and if this is the case you can click this button and select the data that was not filled out on the directory, it will be copied to your clipboard so you can manually paste it into the correct field on the submission form by pressing Crtl+V on your keyboard.



SelectCurrent_ButtonThis is the Select Current Directory button, Use this button if you want to find a directory from the directory list box that is in your current active browser tab.


Close_Tab_ButtonThis is the Close Browser Tab button, Use this button to close any browser tabs that you no longer need open.


ProfileSelect_DropThis is the Profile Selection drop box, This is where you select the website profile that you wish to submit to any directory in the submitter.


SortDirectory_DropThis is the Sort Directory List drop box, Use this to sort the directories in the directory list box from Alphabetical order or via PR from highest to lowest or lowest to highest PR.


SearchDirectoryThis is the Search Directory List box, here you can type in the complete name of the directory or only the first few letters of a directory you may be looking for in the submitter.


Browser_Url_BoxThis is the URL Address box that will display the current url of any directory or website loaded in the browser in the submitter.


Browser_tabsThese are the Browser Tabs in the submitter.


DirectoryList_BoxThis is the Directory List box, all directories in the selected filter are displayed in the directory list box.


Filter_ButtonThis is the Directory Filter button, Click this button to load only Free, Paid or any other directories from other filters into the directory list box.



DirectoryNumberThis displays the current number of directories you have submitted your active profile to from the directories in the selected filter, it also shows the number of directories that are in the selected filter and the total number of directories in the software combined.


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