Introduction To Directory Submitter

Welcome to a new superior Directory Submitter v2.4



Directory Submitter v2.4 is a stand-alone directory submission tool that greatly simplifies the task of submitting any website to hundreds of link directories in record time.


Directory Submitter v2.4 offers everything that the earlier versions included and much more. Almost all our customers requests have been implemented into v2.4 and every aspect of the program has been overhauled and improved, without sacrificing familiarity and intuitive ease of use.


About Directory Submitter


Directory Submitter v1.0 was first released in late 2005 by Paul Martin ( Main Programmer ) and Tom Dahne ( Marketing Manager ) and it has grown to be the industry leader in directory submission software.


We came up with the idea for Directory Submitter back in late 2005 because like all webmasters that were submitting their websites to link directories manually we found it a very time consuming task and we knew there had to be a better solution then doing the submissions manually so we thought of creating a semi automatic directory submission tool that would help us with our directory submissions.


Since the release of version 1.0 of Directory Submitter thousands of webmasters have downloaded the trial version of the software and many have gone on to purchase the full version.


As more and more full versions of Directory Submitter are sold new features will be sent to us by the users and  implemented in to future versions of Directory Submitter and all paid customers will receive any updates for free.


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