Import Bulk Directory List

When clicking on the Import button in the Custom Directory List Manager in Directory Submitter you will see the following options as in the image below.




A - This is where you select the file that contains the list of directories that you want to import in to the Custom Directory Database.


The file format that you can import directories from is either a .txt or .csv file.


In the file you are importing the directories from the directories should be in this order.


First the name of the directory and then the url of the directory, separated by a comma




Link Directory,


Make sure each directory is on a new line.


When you import the directories from the file, directory submitter uses the first entry of the line as the directories name and the second entry after the comma as the url.


If you import directories from a file that only contains the url of the directory then directory submitter will use the name of the domain with out the extension as the name of the directory you are importing.


B - This is the drop down list box containing all the current filters in the submitter, By mouse clicking once in this box you can type your own filter to be included in the submitter or select one from the drop down box.


C - This is the Add button that is used to add a filter from option - B in to the display box of - E, by adding a filter from option - B to the display box of - E will cause the newly imported directories to be included in all the filters contained in the display box of - E


D - This is the Remove button that is used to remove a filter from option - E


E - This is the display box that will show all the filters the newly imported directories will be included in.


F - This is the Import button that is used to import all the directories from the selected file in - A