First Time Users

If you are a first time user to Directory Submitter then you may think it a little overwhelming at first but once you get the hang of using Directory Submitter you will be submitting your websites to hundreds of directories in record time.

Note: Through out Directory Submitter you will see the following icon qmarkwhen you mouse over this icon with your mouse you will see a yellow popup note with tips about the feature which the icon is next to.


Before you get started using Directory Submitter there are a few things you should know about the directory submission process.


-1 Some people in forums have said that if you submit your websites to hundreds or even thousands of directories in a short period of time Google and other search engines will ban your site for getting to many backlinks to your websites to quickly. Well that is not really true with directory submissions because it can take any where from 1 day to as long as 1 month or more for your websites to be approved, so if you submit your website to 100 directories in one day that does not mean you will have 100 backlinks to your website the next day. But rather you will get backlinks to your site over a period of time as the directory owners approve your websites.


-2 You may think why are there so many directories in Directory Submitter with a Google PR of 0, surely it is not worth me submitting my websites to these directories, Wrong every new directory has to start some where and most have a Google PR of 0 when they first launch, and for this reason they are offering website owners the opportunity to submit their website to the directory for free, and in a lot of cases these directories get a Google PR of 3-5 with in a few months of launching and then many directory owners start charging a fee to have sites included in their directory, So it is always a good idea to get your website in to a brand new directory fast before they are no longer free.