Directory List Box Option

When you right mouse click on any directory in the Directory List Box you will see the following options as in the image below.


Click on any part of the image below to read more about that feature.



Mark as Sent is used to mark a directory you have submitted your website to as sent, and Mark as Unsent will do the opposite.


Set Custom Color is used to change the color of any directory in the Directory List Box, this can be helpful to setup color coding and organizing the directories in the submitter.


Remove Custom Color is used to set the directory colors back to their default color setting.


Edit Custom Text will allow you to add comments to any directory in the Directory List Box.


Open in External Browser will open the select directory in an external web browser.


Report Broken Directory is used to report to us any directory in the Directory List Box that may be in the wrong filter in the submitter or may no longer be online or the directory has removed the free submission option, you can also include any comments along with the reporting of the directory that you think we may find helpful.


Reporting directories back to us helps us keep the online directory database more current.


One last thing about the Directory List Box is when you move your mouse over any directory you will see the date and time you submitted your website to this directory, and if you have added comments to the directory you will be shown that as well.