Q: How does Link Directory Submitter work?

A: It takes three easy steps to submit your sites with this program: Create a profile (common data you usually have to repeatedly type by hand: your site address, link title, description etc). This is a one time process. Choose the directory you want to submit to from a list (where you also have its PR). Choose the proper category and press the submit button!

Q: What kind of directories does Directory Submitter provide?

A: Directory Submitter provides only quality one-way link-free directories, more than half with a PR from 4 to 7!

Q: How long does it take to get my website included?

A: The free submission usually takes a couple of weeks to be approved. On the other hand there are directories that will approve your site in the same day you submit it.

Q: Are there any directory inclusion costs involved?

A: No! We have carefully picked only quality directories that accept free submissions so you won’t have to worry. Some directories also have options to express-include your site for a fee but unless you opt for that option, everything is free.

Q: Why doesn’t Link Directory Submitter automaticaly select the proper category for my site?

A:Because each directory uses different names for the same category and because some sites have more categories than others. Because of this, Directory Submitter would have had to be limited to a common subset of categories that might not have suited you. The current approach, while costing a few seconds has the benefit that your site is exactly in the right area.

Q: Why doesn’t Link Directory Submitter automaticaly fill the current page for me sometimes?

A: Directory Submitter won’t try to fill the page unless it was opened by clicking a site in the directory list. If you navigated to a specific category page manually you should press Alt-F or push the Fill current page button from the main window.

Q: Can I add my own directories in to the submitter that I find online.

A: Yes now with the release of v2.0 of the link directory submitter you have the new feature of being able to create your own custom directory database of directories you may find online, We also supply you with loads of sites to find new directories daily.