Tom & Paul,

The results I have achieved with “Directory Submitter”, have been outstanding. I had started a medical site, optimized the site using standard SEO techniques.

My site remained at a paltry PR 0 with minimal traffic. Using Directory Submitter, I had submitted my site to several high PR directories, and within 3 months my traffic increased significantly, and my site is now a PR 4 site, with improved Search Engine listings. The program is very intuitive, and easy to use. The format is user friendly, and the support staff has been extremely helpful and responsive.

Although I hesitate to recommend this valuable tool, for fear that my competition may benefit, the outstanding support, and results I have received from you guys necessitates me to put aside fear and thank you for a great product.

Dr. Jay Stockman


Just to let you know we are using your Directory Submitter this side of the pond in little old england. Very impressed with it’s simple interface and the project is set-up feature can be completed in a matter of minutes.

We use it to make just one submission per website per day. Less than 5 mins per day and we will have over 300 links (for each website) by the end of the year. A simple, straight forward and cost-effective system. Thanks for this great product.

Kevin Goulding

Hi Tom

Sorry to take so long. I have actually used DS for about a year so have noticed some long term results.

Directories I submitted to months ago still have inpointing links. I have about 50 links from some good directories in each of my sites. I would never have done this without DS as I’m very busy (and not very patient!)

With DS I just put in a couple of links every few days – looks natural and it’s very easy!

All The Best,
Wendy Owen

Dear Tom & Paul,

I wanted to take a moment and let you both know how much I’m enjoying, “Directory Submitter”.

Especially the time it saves me….. I did hire help with this work now I can truly save time and money plus get the job done!

I would recommend this application to any one doing site marketing that wants to save time and $$$.

Thanks for developing such a GREAT tool!

Reene Nix

Dear Tom and Paul

It’s been about a week since I purchased the full version of Directory Submitter, and after using it over a short period of time, the results have been truly amazing. Submitting websites by hand to online directories is a very slow and tedious task, your product makes it fun and almost effortlessly to do. Literally overnight my search engine rankings and backlinks have climbed. I am getting more traffic and am very pleased. I have bought numerous software products on the net over the 10 years I have been online, and I must say your product is one of the best I have ever purchased. I recommend it to anyone that has an online business or website of any kind, if they want more backlinks, increased traffic and better search engine ranking.

Robert W. Benjamin

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to tell you what great software the Directory Submitter Is. Simple, yet very powerful!

Thanks- Brad

Hi Tom and Paul,

I have had some very good results with the Directory Submitter software and it is also easy to use.

Before using the submitter I had very few inpointing links from directories and now when I check at MSN for example there are up to 20 links showing within the first 5 pages of results.

Thanks for a very quick and easy link builder.


Hi Tom and Paul,

I’ve found Link Directory Submitter to be an essential tool in promoting my websites. It lets me easily get one-way links to my sites by submitting them to hundreds of directories. I used to do this task manually, but it’s so tedious that I didn’t do it nearly enough. It’s also a pain to keep track of where and when I had submitted which sites. Link Directory Submitter solves those problems by dramatically speeding up the submission process, tracking what I’ve done, yet it still gives me complete control over my submissions.

I especially like that Link Directory Submitter keeps track of the progress for each of my sites (not just one) and that the programmers frequently update the list of directories, at no extra charge.

Chris Lockwood

Hi Tom,

I have been using Directory Submitter for about a month now and as a result one of my sites has jumped up 3 points in Google page rank – I feel it was a very good investment and the person for whom I built the web-site is extremely pleased with her new Google page rank, the site is only 3 months old and already has a Page Rank of 3.

I’m going to start using Directory Submitter on my other site this week so I will let you know about its performance however I feel sure that it will give me results as great as it is with my first application of it. I am really happy that I no longer need to do SEO in the piece-meal way that I used to do it, endlessly cutting and pasting the same information over and over.

Thank you for a great piece of software that is not only easy to use but priced very sensibly, I’m sure that you could get three or four times what you are presently charging for it.

Robin Evans
Australian living in Mexico

Hi Guys

Tom, this is an awesome piece of software you have developed here! I have been looking for something like this for some time now, and I was not successful. I have purchased other software’s that claim to do the same thing but by FAR Link Directory Submitter is a Winner! With using this software I have already gotten over 100 links backs to my articles directory! I will definitely recommend this to all my friends, and associates!

Keisha Seaton

Hi Tom

Hi my name is Rick Gomez, I specialize in construction loans and have been using directory submitter for 2 months. This product has worked really well for me and my construction loan business ( . Directory submitter is a high quality well built software and is so easy to use. I have submitted my website to approximately 50 high ranking directories and have boosted my website ranking from zero to a Google ranking of 3. I plan of course to continue increasing my rankings with this software. This is one of the best bargains for increasing you website rankings that I know of.

Thank You
Rick Gomez

Hi Tom and Paul,

Six days ago, I purchased the Directory Submitter program and it seemed as if overnight the ranking of my web sites climbed. It was extremely easy to use and saved me more than a month’s worth of work. I absolutely love the program and would recommend it to everyone.

Sheryl Graham

Hi Tom and Paul,

I’ve used Directory Submitter for a couple of months now and I have to say that it’s by far the best product I’ve seen for getting our sites submitted to numerous directories. And really highly ranked directories too! Thanks for a great product. I has already paid off numerous times over.

Sandy Knoll

Hi Tom and Paul,

Just to let you know how thrilled I am with the Directory Submitter. Just used it for first time and in minutes I was receiving ‘acceptance e-mails’

It really takes the tedium out of what is a very boring job and actually makes it fun!

Congratulations on a truly fabulous product.