First and foremost, a Reciprocal Link Campaign encourages webmasters to explore the various websites in their genre. It helps establish communication among web developers and creates strong online communities. This can be a valuable tool for information sharing and promoting the advancement of a specific topic, like education or technology.

Reciprocal Link Exchange is still a very valuable practice. For one, it is easier to acquire reciprocals than one-way links. This follows the philosophy of, “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.” If the site you are promoting contains valuable information, it is likely other webmasters will accept a reciprocal link invitation. This is especially true if you are willing to display a link to their site in a prominent, organized directory.

Remember, credibility is key. Do not link to sites with little value, sites on unrelated topics, or link farms and FFA sites. Google will assign some value to reciprocal links that it deems relevant. Sites containing the same keywords and information will be viewed as connected sites, and will thus count towards your “votes” as a credible site.

How to Organize a Reciprocal Link Campaign

First, seek out the websites you would like to exchange links with. Try to pick sites with a higher Google PR than yours. Then, politely email the webmaster and explain why their readers will benefit from a link to your site. Show them the page that their link will be posted on. Make sure there are not too many links on the page, that they are credible, and be sure to list the links by category.

Having trouble getting a positive response? Try a few of these “tricks of the trade”.

When you ask a webmaster to participate in your reciprocal campaign, enclose a pre-made html code so it’s an easy cut and paste job to create the link.

If your site distributes a newsletter, start a contest for ad space. Offer to advertise a website in your publication- in addition to a free link- to the sites that offer you a reciprocal link.

You can also try posting testimonials about other sites on your homepage. When you’re finished, send a link to your comments to the webmaster. Who would pass up the opportunity to brag about a great review?

Get creative! There are plenty of ways to entice people to join in your campaign. The key is to be polite and to-the-point. Let the webmasters know how THEY are going to benefit from the exchange.

Reciprocal links are less valuable than non-reciprocal in the eyes of Google and other search engines. However, relevant links do count towards your overall Google PR.

More importantly, a reciprocal linking campaign helps you connect with other webmasters in your community. You can exchange visitors and help strengthen the online presence of your website topic. Being an active member of a connected community increases your credibility, and helps you stay in touch with changing times.

It is also recommended to submit your website to as many directories as you can using the Link Directory Submitter